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    Good Form Running

    Good Form Running

    Register Now for August 1st

    What is Good Run Form?

    We spend our whole lives on the move: running, walking, skipping, trotting...you name it! While these concepts are familiar and innate to us, it can come as a surprise that we could actually be moving BETTER.

    Our basic philosophy encourages one very simple mantra: move light and easy. Instead of a complex bio-mechanical analysis (#Science), Good Form focuses on the simple, essential steps that allow for efficient and healthy running and walking.

    Along with effective stretching and strengthening techniques, Good Form can benefit all ranges of runners and walkers. Check out our events or click here to learn more about enrolling in a Good Run Form (GFR) class here at the FootZone. In this class you will learn simple yet effective points on how to become a more efficient and healthier runner. This introductory class includes demonstration and practice of Good Form drills and running technique. You will have the opportunity to have your gait analyzed on camera with review and discussion before and after learning the three points of GFR.

    Upcoming Good Form Running Session:

    August 1st - 6 PM

    Register HERE! 





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