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    What We Do

    What We Do



    Our goal is to keep you active and healthy in shoes that you love.

    We achieve this by taking our customers through an in-depth fit process to find the proper shoes for their unique gait. So, what does the FootZone Fit Process look like?

    Take a peek at the video to see what you can expect when you join us for a fitting. 



    1. We get to know you:

      • What are your goals for your new shoes?

      • What surface will you primarily exercise on, trails or roads?

      • Have any injuries, past or present, we should know about?

      • Have any past shoes you liked or disliked?

    2. We measure your feet:

      • Finding your dream shoe starts with knowing your true size.

      • We use our 3D Foot Scanner and/or a brannock measuring device to assure you are wearing the correct shoe size.

    3. We watch you walk without shoes:

      • Each runner and walker has a unique gait, and this is the best method for us to evaluate your biomechanics.

      • We have you walk on our 3D Gait Analysis Pad and/or watch you walk back and forth to assess your gait.

      • Then, we grab shoes from various brands that will work well for your gait.

    4. We get shoes on your feet and double check the size:

      • Our fit specialists will educate you on the differences between each shoe as you try on various brands, walk around the shop, and see which style feels like the best fit for your feet.

      • To ensure you’re happy with the fit, we double check the sizing by feeling where your toes are.

    5. We watch you run and walk in the shoes:

      • We analyze your gait while you’re running or walking on our treadmill/sidewalk to make sure the shoes are providing you the support and comfort you desire.

      • We take slow motion video of your gait to analyze and educate you on your running form. This helps you see which shoe you biomechanically look best in.

      • You pick the shoe that feels like the best fit and feel on your feet, and gets you excited for your next run or walk!

    Meet Our Fit Specialist Team




    Job Openings:

    Always accepting resumes.

    For job details, click here.

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